Brimstone on Warbook!

TJ very generously offered to promote Brimstone in Warbook, which was rather nice of him. So next time you log on to Warbook, you may be ‘lucky’ enough to see my little plug. :D

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  1. cch Says:

    hey, thanks for the program =) if possible.. maybe you can make it very flexible, like allow us to put in formulas and have our own names for the variables (then you don’t have to add features everytime, the user can do it!) if you can see my email, do email me your ign ^^ assuming that you’re the account in the screenshot, i’m willing to donate 200 mil in appreciation of your wonder ful program


  2. Ben Says:

    So you aren’t TJ then.

  3. Scott Says:

    I love it !!!

    I have over 100M gold and the display is just fine.

    Thanks for the great work.

  4. Lam Chee Liang Says:

    HI there. Great to have brimstone. It’s all inclusive. Shows the user/hero stats pretty accurately. I am sure there will be more coming! keep it up!

  5. Bill Howard Says:

    just an idea maybe put the bar or in the add ons of fire fox add on page?

  6. xuluwarrior Says:

    Making Brimstone flexible enough to support user defined formulas would be significantly more difficult than adding user suggestions myself. If there something in particular you want to see added, the best place to put it is

  7. xuluwarrior Says:

    No I’m not :)

  8. xuluwarrior Says:

    I’ve been thinking about adding it to but the problem is that it requires a significant review process which would slow down my ability to get new versions out to people. Maybe once I’ve got all the ideas that I really want to get done out of the way, I’ll reconsider adding Brimstone.

  9. Xiao Sheng Says:

    I do like the program, very helpful. However, it keeps misreading my attack score. Warbook says my attack is over a million, but Brimstone says only 600k. Also, it is mis reading my knights as it says I only have 67k when I have 167k.

    Otherwise, I love it!

  10. Xiao Sheng Says:

    NM the last: when I went back to the build my army page again it finally updated.

    Suggestion for a feature: Ability to create custom players lists. So this way you can create a lists of players who are in an alliance you are at war with, known chain attackers, or others.

  11. xuluwarrior Says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying Brimstone.

    I’m not sure that I will add custom player lists as such but I eventually I will get around to integrating alliance information.

  12. Joey D. Says:

    Any chance of developing an Attack Log function? Simply pulling the results of any outgoing attacks into a text file. I find that in keeping my own attack logs, I occasionally forget to copy data over. An automated system would be useful.


  13. xuluwarrior Says:

    This is already planned for the next version. See

  14. Alex Says:

    brimstone is not working. think TJ has changed something.
    please look into it.
    thanks for making a great application.

  15. Kari Says:

    They have changed servers in Warbook, so I think Brimstone needs to be “re-pointed” or something.
    Otherwise - great work! Really appreciate it when I’m playing, so when it doesn’t work (like now) I feel kinda handicapped :)

  16. Derek Says:

    FYI, the URL for warbook changed to so the script isn’t detecting the page.

  17. Ryan Says:

    0.3 is out. Have Firefox search for updates. It fixed the broken server link.

  18. Mike Says:

    This thing is tits……I had it for awhile and today it went on the fritz….my browser not brimstone…..I could hardly even play I’m so used to have all of the information right there……history……targets…….. Its a great program.

    Would be nice if you could add levels in the history section……it would help when you are trying to level up so you don’t chase lower levels.

  19. Mike Says:

    Installed the 0.4.0 and I think there might be some issues with it…

    I’m running firefox and everytime I load up firefox it takes quite a while and I’m getting a pop up message with the option to stop script or continue…..if you stop Firefox will come up without info in Brimstone….If you continue it takes just a little longer but it will come up with some info……

    Right now WB is still glitchy and Brimstone is not providing accuate or some cases any information…….Rumor has it Ben might have screwed up some code that caused erroneous reporting of data., but thats just rumor….any help on getting back on track would be great……

    The only bad thing about Brimstone is…..Once you use it….you can’t play with out it…..LOL

  20. Adam Says:

    i have a few problems with the very new version, half the time it wont receive the stats from my surveys and spy reports so im just randomly wasting mana, and it takes forever to load now all the while still storing LESS old data then b4, i dont understand

  21. Adam Says:

    “The only bad thing about Brimstone is…..Once you use it….you can’t play with out it…..LOL”

    DAMN true, warbookspyer sucks beside this, and im losing my kingdom becuz i cant get intel on other players

  22. xuluwarrior Says:

    Check out That should at least fix the problem with survey and spy reports.

  23. Yiu Tung Ho Says:

    Please add in a manual calculator so we can make use of shared spy and survey reports.

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