Brimstone 0.1.1 released

Little update that fixes the display problem when you have more than 10 million gold.
Use Firefox’s auto update feature or download the latest version from

10 Responses to “Brimstone 0.1.1 released”

  1. William Says:

    Hi, I am using your program right now.

    Very happy with it.

  2. Paul Hamon Says:

    Please contact me :) Love to chat!

  3. xuluwarrior Says:

    Hi Paul,

    When I first saw your comment I thought it was spam (I regularly get emails inviting me to chat to apparently very accomodating individuals), but then I saw your post on the forum.

    What did you want to chat about?

  4. Owen Says:

    Hey Xuluwarrior,

    I’d love to use your app but I’m having problems. Have you tested it on firefox on Mac OS?

  5. Mafatu Says:

    I am the leader of the largest alliance in warbook - Premier, with over 5000 members.

    I could get this added by all alliance members. Could we come to some sort of in-game or out of game arrangement for compensation?

    Are you interested?

  6. Henry Says:

    I downloaded Brimstone but cannot open it. Which software do I need to run brimstone? Don’t know which software i need to open file with .xpi entension.

  7. James H. Peterson III Says:

    Rather nice application, very handy. I can see it developing into something even better. Where would you like us to leave comments, criticisms, and thoughts for future developments?

  8. xuluwarrior Says:

    @Owen - I haven’t tested the app with Mac OS but I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t work. I’ve created a new section in the forum for installation issues ( Could you create a post there detailing what you have tried and at what point the problems occur.

  9. xuluwarrior Says:

    @Henry - Brimstone is an add-on for Firefox the web browser. If you aren’t using Firefox then you won’t be able to use Brimstone.

    If you are using Firefox, then you need to click on the xpi link.
    A bar will appear across the top of the screen saying that is trying to install an extension.
    You will need to “Edit Options” and add as an allowed domain and then click the link again.
    It will then ask you if you want to install Brimstone

  10. xuluwarrior Says:


    As I currently don’t get any remuneration for Brimstone, I’m not sure what kind of compensation you would be looking for.

    But I hope to make Brimstone compelling enough that your members will use it because they find it useful.

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