- Quick fix for Spy and Survey Reports

Another day, another Warbook change breaks Brimstone. This time if you spy or survey a kingdom with a space in their name the returned report was unreadable by Brimstone.

This is fixed in

(According to my usual naming scheme this should probably be 0.4.1 but I made it as and I can’t be bothered to rename it now)


3 Responses to “ - Quick fix for Spy and Survey Reports”

  1. Kari Says:

    Downloading, splendid … :)

    Still got the script-warning when restarting tho …

  2. Mike Says:

    Think I got it fixed.

    Deleted and reinstalled BS….problem solved

  3. xuluwarrior Says:

    You may be interested to know that I am in the process of completely rewriting the code to display the grids. This should mean that you can have thousands of events without Brimstone taking ages to load.

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