0.3 with Event Logging!

Finally, I feel that 0.3 is ready to release. It includes two notable features:

  • Event logging! - Brimstone should now monitor the following events made by you and against you:
    • Attacks
    • Messages
    • Fireballs
    • Land Grabs

    There are still some events which aren’t logged properly or at all such as gifts, earthquakes.

  • Automatically removes the Facebook surrounding page from any Brimstone pages giving you back more of your screen

I hope you enjoy this release. I already have plans for 0.4 in the New Year.

Have a good one!

12 Responses to “0.3 with Event Logging!”

  1. Josh Says:

    Will this update fix the issue with the new warbook website?

  2. Julie Says:

    Where can you download this? The brimstone site, http://www.xuluwarrior.com/brimstone/ is still giving a version 0.2 with extra numbers after it.

  3. Eddie Miller Says:

    Thanks :)

  4. Phil Weaver Says:

    I’ve downloaded the latest version of Brimstone but, on checking, it only appears to be version 0.2.1.

    How can I get the new 0.3 version?

    Cheers :)

  5. bob Says:

    It doesn’t keep track of the kingdom proportions and army sizes anymore. Might have something to do with the new server. Nothing is working.

  6. David Says:

    Where is the download link?

  7. Yongwei Says:

    Hi How do you download this application? The new facebook look must have upset Brimstone. I don’t understand but it’s not reading anymore. Actually how do I get my hands on the 0.2 edition?
    This application has been a great help. Thank you!

  8. Jacko Varley Says:

    I can’t seem to get Brimstone to Update with the enemy or my stats?
    Damn I am lost without it :(
    Is there a problem?

    Jacko Varley

  9. Ethan Says:

    The Brimstone application is not updating itself with new player information when i spy, aand survey. It is also not updating itself with my information.

  10. xuluwarrior Says:

    Oh dear! The Warbook upgrade was unexpected and has totally broken Brimstone. I’ll have to see how quickly I can fix it.

  11. Phil Weaver Says:

    Thanks, xuluwarrior. Have a bag full of kudos! :)
    And Happy New Year!

  12. Sarah Says:

    Yay the new 3.0 works great thanks

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