0.2.3 - Quick fix

A recent change in Warbook broke Brimstone with regards to some large numbers. Numbers written in the form xxxx K sometimes appear as xxxx k.

0.2.3 now allows for both cases.

4 Responses to “0.2.3 - Quick fix”

  1. Fink Says:

    Doesn’t work :S

  2. xuluwarrior Says:

    If you can be more specific I might be able to help. You can post bug reports at http://www.xuluwarrior.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=3

  3. Yatti Says:

    Hmmm… I know 0.30 diddn’t make it up on site yet.. But it seems to have broken everything for me…Not working at all..

  4. CHris Comley Says:

    THere was anotehr change to Warbook tonight. Change was onyl teh server name - but it appaers to have broken Brimstone. I tried updating but the new version is also confused.

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