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RememberMe - My First Jetpack

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Made some time last night to actually sit down and write my first Jetpack. Its a very simple affair inspired by my annoyance that some websites decide to mark their input boxes as autocomplete=”off”. This has the effect of stopping Firefox’s password manager from attempting to remember login credentials. This may be sensible on some banking sites where personal data security is paramount but otherwise is just an annoyance to the user.

RememberMe is a jetpack that once installed allows you to override the autocomplete attribute by right-clicking and selecting “Remember Me”. The jetpack then remembers your request and from then on the attribute will be forced to “on”. You can reset this by selecting “Forget Me”.

You can find RememberMe here.

I have only tested this on sites that I use and so it is quite possible that there are bugs. Don’t hesitate to let me know.